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Nursing Home Options

Find out about the solutions and options you have with an affordable nursing rehabilitation home. Our Network of Retirement homes and communities are comprised of only the best in the Portland area.

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Memory Care Solutions

With Alzheimer’s and Dementia on the rise, it is a hard topic to discuss with families. We are here to give you the proper information you need about our local memory care homes.

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  • We have multiple facilities located through the Portland Area.
  • There are options for any level of care you need.
  • We offer wellness activities, exercise classes and physical therapy.
  • Home style cooking at any community you choose.
  • We give you your independent living apartments if you so choose.
  • We ALWAYS put you first.

More Senior Care Info

  • When is it time to consider alternative Care Options?

    Whether you are seeking for yourself or for a loved one, looking into Assisted Living home plans is always a difficult decision. If your parents are hesitant to moving into a home that is definitely okay because most do feel that way at first.

    If you put yourself in Mom or Dad’s shoes, you’ll come to realize that trying to accept that you cannot properly take care of yourself is hard to accept or comes to terms with (this is why it’s so important to find a senior community that still GIVES them dignity in themselves). Imagine caring for yourself for 50, 60, and maybe even 80 years in your own home without nursing home assistance.

    What are they signs that it’s time?

    Some of the things that we see are common trends to realizing that the senior should consider a retirement home is when they cannot functional daily like they use to.
    Here is a short list with some of the signs:
    • The Senior (Mom or Dad) have a hard time cooking for themselves.
    • Doing things around the house like mow the lawn or go grocery shopping.
    • They have fallen more than once in the past 6 months and are not recovering like they used to.
    • Short Term memory loss
    • Large amount of trouble hearing
    • Difficult for them doing chores like folding laundry or washing dishes.

    Again, this is just a short list but also every point made can be fulfilled and taken care of with Dylan Prime Seniors.

  • How to choose the right Facility

    Finding a new home for an aging loved one can be a challenge to many people. Other than the physical separation, there are also many concerns that make the search for a suitable senior care facility difficult. Learn what to look for when choosing a facility for senior living

    There are many special concerns for anyone considering an adult senior foster home for an aging parent, sibling or rel active. Other than care and support, there is also the issue of quality in terms of service, particularly where long-term care is required. To make sure that you choose a facility for assisted living that has all the features that will be advantageous to your loved one, here are some of the factors you need to consider:

    Level of care

    Assisted living is just one of a few terms used in the senior care industry. In some facilities the term may be different – Board and Care, Personal Care or Residential care. What these terms mean is that the senior who enters the facility will be given professional assistance, albeit to a limited degree. Mom or dad is still free to live independently and perform basic tasks such as shopping. banking or participating in sports.

    When choosing a nursing home, check if the community is appropriate to your loved one’s physical ability, health requirements and social preferences. Services offered in a facility can vary, so it pays to know what type of support a senior can expect and make use of to keep them secure and healthy. Some facilities for example, may offer basic services but not nursing care or advanced medical care. if the senior requires it, you might want to look at other options instead.

    Senior State License

    Periodic inspections are performed on assisted care providers to determine whether the facilities keep up with industry standards and best practices Ensure that the facility you choose has a license to operate In the state and that it is up-to-date. Better yet, check the requirements in your locality. Licensing requirements can vary depending on the state, so make sure the facility meets the standards in your area

    Ask to see any results of county inspections from those in charge. In most cases, a copy of the license or certificate is displayed within the facility and may be used as a reference during your visit.

  • Funding tips

    Where to start with assisted care facilities?

    An senior living facility might be the best option for many senior citizens. Most facilities allow as much independence as the individual is capable of, yet the staff is there when needed. Generally a far cry from a traditional nursing home, an senior living arrangement often includes a private apartment-like room or rooms that might include a sitting area and a small kitchenette Residents usually enjoy group activities, field trips, and live entertainment. If the senior still drives he might be able to keep his own automobile at the facility.

    While assisted living might sound like the perfect living condition for your elderly loved one, the problem might be paying for it. Retirement care can be expensive, ranging from $3,000 to over $5,000 per month. Fees are somewhat established according to how much care the resident requires.

    The first thing to do is to compare prices A higher monthly fee doesn’t always mean a better level of care or a better living situation. Prices vary greatly, so it’s in your best interest to “shop around.” If a facility isn’t near capacity, it might even be open to negotiating a monthly fee. Also, be sure to find out what is and isn’t included.

    What if I am on Medicare?

    Sadly, Medicare does not pay for private assistance in some states, Medicaid will cover part of the costs, so if your loved one receives Medicaid, that’s a good place to start. Check with your state’s specific guidelines on what is and isn’t covered. Veterans might be eligible for financial help with assisted living, too, so if your loved one is a veteran, explore that possibility.

    if the individual owns a home, the house can be sold to cover the expenses of assisted living. Of course, sometimes selling a house takes considerable time, so the money to pay for assitance will probably be needed before closing. In that case, the senior can take out a ”bridge
    loan,” and when the house sells the loan can be paid off. A quicker way to receive money for the home might be provided by a reverse mortgage, available for homeowners who are at least 62 years old.

    if the homeowner and family don‘t want to sell the house, a home equity loan might be the answer. Another option is to rent the house. Monthly rent payments can be applied to the living fees. Family members might have to make up the difference.

  • Our location and Services

    Our Portland, Oregon Location is located in the heart of the city so it’s convenient for loved ones to visit their family. Dylan Prime Seniors was design all around to tend to the people within our community to give them a feeling of independence and dignity.

    The seniors within our facility live independently and freely within their own personalized rooms. We provide daily meals that are freshly cooked by our in house team of professional cooks. The food and nutrition is held to our up most quality of standards in taste and diet (in case some residents are sensitive to sodium.

    There are special complementary services that you can receive if you choose to like:

    – 12 hours a day of available dining
    – Local Transportation Services
    – Cooking and Dance Classes with a pro Instructor
    – Happy Hour Social Gathering 3 times weekly
    – Complete inside and outside maintenance as well as Housekeeping
    – Done for you Laundry Service
    – Full Service Beauty Salon
    – And So Much more!

    If the location we are currently at (off Hawthorne) is not a convenient place for your loved one to live, we have several other senior care communities throughout the Portland Metro. If there is not a location that we offer in the part of Oregon that you seek best to live, we will work with you absolutely free of charge.

    We would provide a care professional to sit down with you and gather a Care needs assessment. From here, we would be able to identify what best suites the healthcare needs the resident should have.

  • Top Assisted Living and Senior Living Facilities in Portland

    We have gathered the top rated communities in the area for you on top of our own services so you the senior can make the best decision.

    Dylan Prime Seniors

    4.7 rating – based on 19 reviews

    4110 SE Hawthorne Blvd #322Portland, OR97214


    Pacifica Senior Living Calaroga Terrace

    4.2 rating – based on 7 reviews

    1400 NE 2nd Ave, Portland, OR97232


    Marquis Piedmont Assisted Living

    3.9 rating – based on 5 reviews

    19 NE Russet St, Portland, OR97211


    Cherry Blossom Cottage

    3.7 rating – based on 3 reviews

    11177 SE Cherry Blossom Dr, Portland, OR97216


    Russellville Park

    4.3 rating – based on 5 reviews

    20 SE 103rd Ave, Portland, OR97216


    Courtyard at Mt. Tabor

    4.4 rating – based on 2 reviews

    6125 SE Division St, Portland, OR97206


    CherryWood Village Retirement Community

    4.6 rating – based on 9 reviews

    1417 SE 107th Ave, Portland, OR97216


    The Springs at Clackamas Woods

    4.4 rating – based on 11 reviews

    14404 SE Webster Rd, Milwaukie, OR97267


    Summerplace Assisted Living Community

    4.2 rating – based on 10 reviews

    15727 NE Russell St, Portland, OR97230

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