A few strategies to hack the senior body into exercise

Grandfather and grandson playing video game

Modem portrayals of senior citizens show smiling, grey-haired couples playing with their grandchildren, enjoying a leisurely stroll, planting a flower garden, and otherwise enjoying an active lifestyle. But the star reality is that many seniors aren’t physically able to do these things There is no soccer in the backyard, enjoying a bike ride, or getting down on hands and knees to play […]

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What are the best food the avoid senior Memory loss?

Foods that fight Memory Loss

Memory decline is a scary thing to deal with, if not a frustrating thing to deal with. Whetherit is age related or nutrition related, memory loss is no joke. Luckily, these five foods may help slow age related memory loss. They may also boost cognitive function enough to improve current memory function. 5 Foods That […]

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