What are the best food the avoid senior Memory loss?

Avacado Picture that shows memory loss fighting foods

Memory decline is a scary thing to deal with, if not a frustrating thing to deal with. Whetherit is age related or nutrition related, memory loss is no joke. Luckily, these five foods may help slow age related memory loss. They may also boost cognitive function enough to improve current memory function.

5 Foods That Help Fight Memory Loss

Memory and cognition are very important for everyday functioning. Without these things your independence would be Limited. The more memory loss occurs the more reliant you must be on other people to see about your needs. This becomes quite frustrating after so many years of taking care of yourself. Luckily, these five foods are said to help fight memory loss. Anything that can keep you alert and healthy, both mentally and physically is worth a try.

  1. Oil-Based Dressings

    Researchers say that foods high in Vitamin E are good for protecting memory and research suggests that this particular antioxidant helps keep neurons in the brain healthy. When these neurons start to die or misfire, memory loss occurs. Vegetable-based oil dressings, such as olive oil, include that vitamin.

  2. Fish

    Fish like salmon and tuna containing omega-3 fatty acids and DHA are known for their heart benefits. However, DHA is also good for preventing memory loss. ‘lhis is because DHA plays a role in normal neuron functioning. When the neurons are functioning normally, memory is better.

  3. Avocado

    Like oil dressings, avocados contain a good amount of Vitamin E. But avocados also contain Vitamin C, known for its immune system boosting properties. Along with boosting the immune system, Vitamin C is also associated with lowering the risk ofAlzheimer’s Disease, a decline in brain function that not only causes memory loss but eventually death as well.

  4. Red Wine

    It seems red wine may have more than relaxation benefits. Research shows that moderate amounts of red wine might war off Alzheimer’s. of course, this should be taken in moderation as well.

For Your Brain’s Sake, Have Some Cocoa

Cocoa for Alzheimer’s disease? That’s the take-home message from new research out of New York’s Mount Sinai Medical Center.

Alzheimer’s disease isn’t the only form of dementia out there, but it’s the most common, according to the Alzheimer’s Association. As many as 5.1 million Americans may be affected by this condition, which means there is also an impact on family members and caregivers Dementia is the umbrella term for memory loss and diminished intellectual abilities; Alzheimer’s in men’s accounts for as much as 80 percent of dementia cases Although advantage age is the greatest risk factor, Alzheimer’s Is not a normal part of aging. It can appear In people as young as 40. The disease gets worse over time and is the sixth leading cause of death in the US There’s no cure, which is one reason the news from Mount Sinai is so exciting.

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